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Are you an educator?  Do you teach at any level – from pre-school and K-12 through post-graduate? If so, we know you have acquired enough expertise and material in at least one subject area to create a book. Why haven’t you?

Gold Leaf Press Publisher, Rebecca J. Ensign began her career in college textbook publishing. Consequently, she understands textbooks and academic works. And while University and College presses are an educator’s first choice for publishing, you can often end up with a very false impression of the publishing process as a result of your experience with these types of presses.

If you have a niche, or if you desire full editorial control over your material, you need to take a more active role in the publishing process.  Furthermore, if you are under the impression that your readership may be too small because there are only 5000 students nationally who enroll in courses in your discipline, Gold Leaf Press wants you to know that a universal market of 5000 students is fine with us!

And, we can work with you to respectably publish and market your work so it gains critical acclaim as well as a wider mass appeal.  In short, isn’t it true that as an educator, your first objective is to educate as many students and motivated readers as possible?  Gold Leaf Press is as committed to your objective as you are.

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