Are you looking for enhanced exposure, recognition, brand authority, loyalty, advocacy, leads, subscribers, members, students, or sales? 

Is your brand, message, expertise, company, product, story, or service explained, spotlighted, recognized, publicized, and represented in the best possible light?

What if you could have the undivided, personalized attention of a Publishing  veteran who could help you figure out all of these things – as well as – the next best steps for you to take at every level?   

Well, you can! Just fill out the Contact form so you can schedule a phone conversation with Rebecca J. Ensign to ask your questions  and discuss your issues, objectives, challenges and confusion over what to do next.      

But first, a super crash course in what is meant by Publishing these days!   

Ensignia and Gold Leaf Press expand the term “Publishing” to include the strategic creation, development, preparation, formatting, “packaging” and dissemination of all types of content for all mediums for all purposes, which includes:

  • Books – print & digital (ebooks; pdfs)
  • Podcasts  
  • Websites/Landing pages
  • Online learning platforms/webinars
  • Emails for lead generation, marketing communications, customer & team relations
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • White papers; pdfs
  • Social media posts 
  • As you can see, even though a printed bound book is still among the most prestigious mode of formally preparing and packaging content, it is no longer the first or only option available for you. 
  • In fact, many of Ensignia’s Content Marketing clients – from Corporate thought-leaders and Subject Matter Experts to Entrepreneurs, Business Owner-operators, individual Authors, and agents of change –  start out as Gold Leaf Press prospective book authors whose idea, message, purpose and actual content turns out to initially be much better suited for a podcast, pdf download, a Blog campaign, an ebook, a pdf download  “lead magnet”, or an article series before completing the manuscript and formally publishing the book.  

And, a brief overview of Content these days!

Today, Content refers to anything that is put on a printed or digital page – this includes text, graphics, photos, images, audio, and video. Ensignia specializes in all content, particularly text  (i.e. words) crafted for context within its targeted published modality. 

For instance, if you’re creating an audio or video file, you’ll need a script – which has to be written. If you’re creating a website or landing pages, you need page content, which has to be written.

If you’re using photos, images or Infographics on your website, your product descriptions, or in a presentation, they need titles and captions – which have to be written.

But . . . 

We’re not talking about repurposed content from other sites and sources to form sentences peppered with keywords. We specialize in creating original, organically-researched, fact-checked, relevant, engaging, real-time content . . .

  • Content that is professionally written, edited, and published  – efficiently, strategically, and effectively –  for all mediums and methods – ebooks, pdfs, web pages, Press Releases, infographics, presentations, Social media.
  • Content that affects search results and gets your target audiences’ attention
  • Content that is engineered to prompt the action you desire – capture interest, site visitors, leads, influencers, and readership; convert prospects; acquire new customers, sales, followers, subscribers, and evangelists.
  • Content that drives traffic, stimulates social media chatter and influences your audiences – all to your benefit
  • Content based upon the research and data that only credentialed and acclaimed subject matter experts, thought leaders, scholars, educators and real-time practitioners originate
  • And crisp, clean, original final content sculpted, edited and delivered by an accredited and accomplished Writer-Editor-Publisher; namely, Ensignia President and Gold Leaf Press Publisher, Rebecca J. Ensign.


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Whether you’re just curious or if you recognize how the Gold Leaf Press/Ensignia approach to creating, developing, packaging, and publishing content can benefit you or your company, find out if an Editorial Assessment will be of value.

[Hint # 1: It usually is, but it’s up to you to discover that for yourself and your circumstances.] 

[Hint # 2: Learn more about the Gold Leaf Press/Ensignia, Inc proprietary Editorial Assessment by listening to the Podcast clip.]  

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