From Idea to Manuscript and Manuscript to the Marketplace

“Gold Leaf Press was a natural extension of my publishing career path. The idea for my company took root when I realized that many of the educational textbooks and scholarly works I had been involved with during my first ten years in College textbook publishing had tremendous untapped market potential outside of their original academic niches.


Consequently, I independently launched Gold Leaf Press with two academic works that crossed over seamlessly to broader markets.  Gold Leaf Press will always operate on this premise; namely that manuscripts originally written for one purpose or genre usually have great marketing cross-over appeal.” 

Rebecca J. Ensign, Publisher Gold Leaf Press, [1999 Barnes & Noble Publishing discussion]

Do you have the Write Stuff?

This website could be the shortest possible route from idea, vision, or goal to publication success for those astute, savvy individuals who understand that before, during, and after the creative literary sojourn is completed, it’s always strictly business!

If you accept that, you may be suited for Gold Leaf Press’ Collaborative Publishing Services Program.

There are currently 600,000 – 1 million books published in the US each year –a jump from 35,000 – 50,000 books published each year in the US in 2003. With those odds, publishing a book just doesn’t mean what it once did.

Ensignia, and its publishing imprint Gold Leaf Press, foresaw this trend early on. That is why we don’t just publish a book – we engage with the author to develop an Editorial strategy that will support effective marketing initiatives and messaging campaigns; all of which are based upon the book’s and author’s vision, expertise, subject matter, thought leadership, target markets, prospective readers, and social media followers.

Nothing is written, it is Edited! – Rebecca J.Ensign paraphrasing Max Perkins

By taking a marketing approach to Editing, and an Editorial approach to marketing, we incorporate this critical aspect into every publishing project to cultivate the author and create, support, and publicize the author’s larger message and mission.

 This means that a Gold Leaf Press published book is a point of departure . . . as well as a point of arrival! 

 So, how do we get started? A personal note from Rebecca

If you have written, are writing, or are thinking about writing a book-length manuscript, your first step is to reach out to me to schedule a phone conversation. During this conversation, I will learn about you, your book, your background and if and how we can collaborate throughout the development and publication process.

In turn, you will learn more about me, Gold Leaf Press, and the various projects we have developed and published in your genre or field. Should we have a good match, I will discuss with you what is involved and included in a Gold Leaf Press Editorial Assessment – the first (and perhaps only) step you need to take on your pathway to writing, editing, formally preparing and publishing your manuscript.

If you’d like to explore how we can collaborate on your publishing idea, plan, or venture, please complete and submit the Contact Form.

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