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Rebecca, you have challenged me, several times, on many of my values and principles .  . .  and, I must admit, you have won a difficult battle here and there.  Thank you for challenging me – you have made me better and stronger.”

Kevin Poston; author, Making Life Your Best Sport; [Gold Leaf Press 2014]

If you are a professional service provider  – from a counselor, computer technician, or attorney to a massage therapist, landscaper, or exterminator – you have expertise in your field. And, if you have been practicing your trade or profession for a certain number of years, there is an excellent chance you have gained specialized knowledge – “tricks of the trade” so to speak – or insight you could share with industry peers or prospective clients.

You’d be amazed at the media and marketing opportunities for your expertise and even more amazed at what creating and publishing a book could do for your market share, status, social media profile, future opportunities, and notoriety.  And don’t be concerned about “giving away” your trade secrets.  Gold Leaf Press knows how to share insight in such a way that it enhances your value without mitigating it.

To Rebecca Ensign at Gold Leaf Press – without your patience, candor, and incredible talent  translating my often-disparate ramblings into eloquent prose, this tale wouldn’t have been told.”

Paul Templer; author, What’s Left of Me [Hawkings Post; 2012]

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