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The Inspirational market is the fastest growing publishing market today.  This is true both in terms of manuscripts being written and manuscripts becoming well-reviewed, successful books.  Rarely are the two –  manuscripts developed and manuscripts published successfully – so aligned.   Yet, Gold Leaf Press is consistently doing just that.”

Opus Reviews; September 2005

If there is any genre that has been most accelerated by the proliferation of digital, on-demand publishing, it is this one.  The Inspirational book market (which includes all denominations – religious and spiritual) continues to be a leading book market.

This statistic refers to books being sold to readers who are continuously curious and to book-buyers who realize that soothing and nurturing the mind and soul is as important as nurturing the body.

If you are a life coach, pastor, minister or clergy member, or if you have had a particularly inspirational life experience, it is in your nature to share it with others so they too may gain from your life experiences and apply your wisdom to their own lives. But how do you reach outside of your immediate circle of influence?  You write, you publish and you promote.

Closely related to Inspirational works are Self-Motivational and Self-Help books that speak to those millions of people who are seeking words of encouragement to propel them to make positive and productive changes to their lives, their perceptions, and their sense of purpose.

This applies to an infinite range of life choices and changes. This means if you are a nutritionist, a psychologist, a physician, a sales manager, a party planner, a happily married woman or a happily fulfilled bachelor, you have specialized insight and motivational techniques that you know can make a difference in the quality of someone’s life. So, why aren’t you sharing it with more people in a broader, more formal way?  Social media tweets and posts only go so far….

Self-motivational books – in all their applications – have indefinite shelf lives and perpetuating readership – a new crop of information-seekers blooms every year as life unfolds in its unscheduled and unpredictable directions.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know your book is always within reach of the person who’s actively seeking the guidance you have to offer?

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