Gold Leaf Press has specializations, do you?

The following genres are Gold Leaf Press’ core competencies and (not coincidentally) are strong suits for professionals desiring to launch a career (or side hustle) as an Author-Messenger. They are also strong time-tested avenues for realizing your writing, publishing or career objectives.

Furthermore, and no less important, if you find that you, your profession, area of expertise, passion, title, or hobby falls into one of these categories, especially if you already have relevant content created or drafted, we urge you to consider developing a publishable work – whether it’s a book, a downloadable pdf, a white paper, a website, a blog platform, a podcast, or a webinar series.

For instance, does your profession or avocation lend itself to conferences, conventions, trade shows, seminars, or workshops?  Do you attend them from time to time?  Do you speak, present, or participate at these events or are there opportunities available for you to do so? If your answer even borders on “yes”, you should have a published book.

Your first draft is probably already “written” –  you just don’t realize it yet!

If you recognize that having a published book could accelerate and enhance your personal or professional aspirations but the thought of writing a book  – or formally compiling content – is simply too overwhelming, remember, Gold Leaf Press can ghostwrite, co-author, edit or Editorially develop your content for you.  It would probably surprise you if you knew how many books are “written” this way. In fact, many of Gold Leaf Press’ books originated from the author’s or client company’s PowerPoint presentations, handouts, marketing materials, and scribbled notes.

Corporate/Brand Identity

Why doesn’t every company – large and small – have some type of formal publication? There is no more credible, respectable “calling card” or marketing piece for a company – of any size – than a published book …

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Subject Matter Experts, Thought-leaders, Solopreneurs, and Professional Service Providers

If you are a professional service provider  – from a counselor, computer technician, or attorney to a massage therapist, landscaper, or business coach  – you have expertise in your field. And, if you have been practicing your trade or profession for a certain number of years…

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Are you an educator?  Do you teach at any level – from pre-school and K-12 through post-graduate? If so, you have acquired enough expertise and material in at least one subject area to publish a book.…

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Inspirational – Self-Motivational – Self-Help

If you are a life coach, pastor, minister or clergy member, or if you have had a particularly inspirational life experience, it is in your nature to share it with others so they too may gain from your life experiences and apply your wisdom to their own lives….

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Memoirs and Legacy Publishing

Every book and manuscript Gold Leaf Press has impacted was a memoir or a legacy.  Once a manuscript is completed – and a book is formally published – its author is immortalized….

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Fiction – Historical and Niche

Both Historical Fiction and Niche Fiction – lend themselves to many marketing options and sales channels because they offer more than just a good story (when they are well-edited, of course)….

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