Gold Leaf PressMemoirs and Legacy Publishing

There is no more meaningful legacy, other than children of course, than a formally published book. The author, or the person being biographed, comes to life – as does his or her words, thoughts, wisdom, and sprit – every time the cover is opened.”

Rebecca J. Ensign, Publisher, Gold Leaf Press

There have been periods of time, since 1994, when this type of publishing was why Gold Leaf Press kept going. Being in business is rewarding, but conducting business with a purpose beyond huge profit is even more rewarding in Gold Leaf Press’ view.

In effect, every book and manuscript Gold Leaf Press has impacted was a memoir or a legacy.  Once a manuscript is completed – and a book is formally published – its author is immortalized.  Fifty or a hundred years later, he or she will be introduced to a granddaughter or great-grandson who will feel connected to a relative heretofore only known through old photos or a passing story or two.

Committed to her conviction that there is no greater legacy than a published book that encapsulates the author’s life, experiences, observations, and wisdom, Rebecca J. Ensign will always reserve resources and attention for those who wish to permanently imprint their essays, poems, life experiences, insight and lessons so they live on through a Gold Leaf Press publication.

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